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Morning in Ibillin

May 12, 2009


Wednesday, 7:35 am local time


We get to play with kids today.

Today, we leave Ibillin to travel back south; we’ll be spending some time in Ha’tzor, Tel Dan, the occupied Golan Heights, and possibly a little while on the banks of the Jordan River. Gordon and Chip finagled a way for us to spend tonight back at the Intercontinental, though we were supposed to spend more nights here in Ibillin. I will miss this place; the Palestinians are unswervingly kind, and even though we slept three to a room, it was the best sleep I’ve gotten in Israel.

Mostly, though, I’ll be sad to leave because I’m leaving the opportunity to play with kids. We sleep in the guest rooms atop Mar Elias’ elementary school; in about 20 minutes, we’re going to meet Elias in his director’s office and then get sent to some of the classrooms. So, today? I get to play with kids.

Good day.

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