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From the Terminal

May 8, 2009

Friday, 2:45 PM local time

Second chances.

I can hardly believe that I’m sitting here at Newark, waiting to board the plane to Tel Aviv. It’s a bit surreal. Most of us have been waiting for this trip for over a year; for Chip and Gordon, it’s been even longer. It was last April that we had our first interviews for our places on the trip; we spent all of the fall semester studying and preparing.

And then Israel invaded Gaza.

We were all disappointed when the trip was postponed, and angry. Even the reassurance of rescheduling did little to comfort many of us, and the long spring semester of anticipation dulled the excitement we once had. And yet, here we are, sitting in the terminal, waiting for our flight to board, and I can hardly believe it.

Our group has changed in the past six months. We’ve lost five, due to graduation obligations among other things, but we’ve gained one. The dynamics have changed, but then, so has the situation, both here and abroad. I’ll change the Group page when I get a chance. For now, though, we’re all treating this as a second chance at excitement, a second chance to learn.

Thanks for accompanying us on the journey. Pray for us, pray for our contacts, pray for the people of Israel and Palestine. It’s going to be awesome to see what God has in store for us over the next two weeks.

Ha shalom shel Adonai lechem.

The peace of the Lord be with you.

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